Monday, 2 December 2019

Water Pollution Research

What is the environmental/social sustainability issue? Water Pollution- The contamination of water due to human activities. This happens when untreated pollutants reach the bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean. This happens when chemicals get into the water and harm fishes. In simple words, it gets so bad that you can not drink, bathe, or wash clothes in it.

 What factors have caused this issue? People dropping their rubbish, disposing of fossils in the deep-sea ocean, and farm runoff into the sea. Discharging of sewage is one of the main causes that cause water pollution. These things travel underground to the water bodies.  Farmers spray chemicals to fertilize their crops. When it rains the chemical gets washed off plants and runs off to the ocean.

What will happen if this issue continues to degrade? If this continues to degrade, all the aquatic creatures will die. All creatures that rely on the water will die which includes animals, birds, fishes, and humans. If we drink contaminated water, we will get sick and eventually die. The sea creatures make 80% of the oxygen we breathe. If they die we will die too because we will not have any oxygen to breathe.
What are the possible solutions to this issue (either being currently done or could be done)?  There are some things that are currently being done to stop this. One is reducing the usage of water when washing dishes and taking a shower. This reduces the amount of dirty water needing treatment. Another one is to not throw rubbish in the sea, this causes the sea animals to choke on it. There are some things we can do to stop this. One is making compost for greens disposal. Use a minimum amount of detergent and bleach when washing clothes or dishes.

From this, I learnt that water plays an important role in our life. If we don’t drink water, we will die. We have to keep our water bodies clean this means pollution-free. We have to save our aquatic animals because they are more harmed before we are. We cannot drink, bathe, or wash clothes in this polluted water. This happens because of us human beings. We throw rubbish in the seas and oceans, discharge fossil in deep seas, discharge sewage waste into the rivers. One main thing we do is spray chemical to fertilize our plants and crops, later on, when it rains, this runs off into the river.

I have also learnt that everything on this planet relies on water and if we run out of the water we will die. This includes the fishes, birds, animals, and us too. If all the aquatic animals die, we will die because they give 80% of the oxygen. We can stop this by using less water so that there is less water that needs treatment. No throwing rubbish in the seas and oceans. We must protect our seas and oceans in order to live.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Unit Recap

We have completed everything in English and this is my evaluation.

What did/ didn't enjoy? I enjoyed filming the video because I did not want to get in the video. I enjoyed editing because I liked watching bloopers. I did not enjoy writing a blog post because it was really hard to think.  What would you do differently? I would use better camera angles because some parts of the video look bad when joined together. How was working in your group? It was ok but could have been better if all the group members cooperated a bit more. Are you happy with your finished product? I am really happy with my finished product because this is my first time making a film. May have been a fail but at least I tried.

Getting Distracted in Class- Last Day

Today is the last day of our 30-sec film making. We have made our film and we have finished editing. We went through it twice to check any mistakes. We are going to post our video today.
We have posted our video to our blog. It looks pretty good. Here is a link to my blog.

Getting Distracted in class

Today in class we are starting to make a 30 seconds long film. We started planning today and decided what camera angles we will use. Alex gets distracted on his computer when the teacher is trying to explain something on the TV. Class is really really long and boring. From the teachers point of view she looks at Alex the teacher comes towards Alex stands behind me when Alex doesn't notice Alex turn around and Alex looks at the teacher frighteningly the teacher gets mad at me Alex then gets sent to referral the reasoning behind Alex getting sent is because Alex got distracted and was not on what he should have been on Alex walks slowly to the referral room. 

day two - Getting the video edited and all put together. 

day two - We just moved everything off the phone onto the computer  

day three - Today we are going to be trying to edit the whole video sharing the video to everyone in the group.

day three - we have finished the first part of editing we have picked the music we are going to use we have edited one and a half out of 6 videos.

Today were are aiming to complete our editing. We have already edited 2 videos out of 5/6. We will redo any shots in if needed.

We have completed our editing. We have not saved it because we will double-check next lesson

we got emailed the video because one of our group members were away the video needed a login so we have to finish our read all about me

we finished our all about me

Lets Get Distracted

Today is our last day to finish our video. We have already finished making our video. This is the video we made.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Write That Essay

A very short sentence
Spot the dog sniffed a bone.
Thor raised the hammer.
President Trump rode a moose

Simple sentence
Andre, mum, and Mr Brown climbed the tree.

Wearily Andre ran a marathon
Interestingly, mum rode a moose

Adverb start
Expertly, Andre rode a moose

W Start
When the enemy approached, Thor raised the hammer

Ing start
Breathing heavily, Andre ran a marathon
Feeling burning blisters, mum, carried heavy bags
Ignoring the rules, Mr Brown drank too much wine

ED start
Motivated by spectators, Mr Brown ran a marathon
Gripped with intent, Mum carried heavy bags
Empowered by the gods, Ancient Greeks fought the Orc army

Explore the subject sentence
Andre, who had no Complaint, ran a marathon
Mr Brown, Who nobody liked, Drank too much wine

Friday, 22 November 2019

Getting Distracted in Class- 30 Sec Film

Today were are aiming to complete our editing. We have already edited 2 videos out of 5/6. We will redo any shots in if needed.

We have completed our editing. We have not saved it because we will double-check next lesson.